Why should I join Bounty Rewards?

Signing up as a Bounty Rewards member opens up a world of exclusive deals, offers and discounts, as well as the chance to earn rewards just by sharing your opinion. And it’s FREE.

Bounty members are eligible to:

How do I become a member?

Register for Bounty here. You’ll receive Bounty Rewards Points just for signing up and completing your profile.

Products & Reviews

Who can reviews products on Bounty?

Only Bounty Members can upload product reviews. From time to time, a panel of experts will also review products.

How do I find products to review?

You can click on “Product Reviews” and navigate through the categories. You can also use the search bar to search for products.

What if the product I want to review isn’t listed here?

Not all parenting products are listed on Bounty, but we’re working on getting as many up there as possible! If you want to see a particular brand on the site, email us at info@bountyrewards.com.au

How do I post a review?

First, you must be a Bounty Member (if not, sign up here). Then find the product you want to review. Under the product image, you’ll see an option to write a review. This will direct you to our review form, where you can write your review, give your star rating and say whether or not you recommend the product. Once you have completed these steps click ‘Submit my review’. All reviews need to be approved before they are uploaded on to the site – this can take a few days. Remember, you can earn Bounty Rewards Points by submitting reviews that get posted on our site.

Where can I buy products listed on Bounty?

At this stage, Bounty is not an online store, so you can’t make direct purchases. However, under most products you will spot a ‘BUY’ button, which will direct you to an official Australian distributor for that brand. Bounty only works with official distributors in order to ensure the products you purchase are genuine.
If there is no ‘BUY’ button next to the product that you want, look for the stockist number/details or web address at the top right of the brand listing.

Trial Teams

What are Trial Teams?

Bounty Members can be invited to join Bounty’s trusted Trial Teams. If selected to take part in a Trial Team, you may be sent products to test and review. Trial Team participants are selected using information in their Bounty profiles. So if you want to be involved in a Trial Team ensure your profile is up to date.

How do I join a Trial Team?

Bounty Members who fit the profile required by a Trial Team will be invited by email to join the Trial. Make sure your profile is always up to date to increase your chances.

Rewards Room

What is the Bounty Rewards Room?

The Bounty Rewards Room is where members can redeem their Bounty Rewards points. The Bounty Rewards Room will be opening later this year when the official website launches.

What happens to my existing Bounty Rewards “money” in the changeover to Rewards Points?

Your existing rewards – currently measured in dollars – will transfer across to the new program and become Bounty Rewards Points which can be redeemed in the Bounty Rewards Room (opening soon).
And, as a thank you to our loyal Bounty Rewards members, you will receive extra bonus points once the new Bounty site is up and running.

Contact Us

Who do I contact about technical issues on bountyrewards.com.au?

Please contact product@bountyrewards.com.au

How can I list products and brands on Bounty?

Contact our sales director, Alicia Melville, at sales@bountyrewards.com.au or on (02) 8268 4481

Who do I contact in regards to editorial?

Fiona Baker, Digital Director at editorial@bountyrewards.com.au

If you would like to send products or mail our address is as follows (please include your contact details):

Bounty Rewards
197 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000

How can I give feedback on Bounty Rewards?

Please feel free to email info@bountyrewards.com.au with any feedback you have.